About us

Like the founder Liz, I like to train and do CrossFit, especially with my mates.

I also like (ok love) apparel.

Weights and Mates was founded by the amazing lifter in Liz Craven, who is now our very first sponsored athlete. Liz has moved on to pursue being the best Powerlifter in the World!

Here is what Liz wrote when she founded Weights and Mates:

"When I looked around and saw what was happening in gyms all over Australia. All over social media there were people posting pics and videos of themselves lifting with their mates. There is a massive shift from us all going down the pub with our mates to hang out. Now we are all hanging at the gym, lifting, getting strong, eating and having fun doing it. I wanted to make a good quality brand that emulated this new 'movement".

Weights and Mates apparel, are clothes I would want to wear and the blogs are articles I would want to read. I hope you love them too.

Have fun.

Lift heavy.

Train smart.

Eat well.

Rest better

And look good doing it.


Contact: info@crossfitsfs.com

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